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Dec. 13, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: The Endangered Species Act, Litigating Climate Change, and More


Dec. 9, 2019 / Common Resources

Credit Trading Accelerates as Passenger Vehicle Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Standards Tighten


Dec. 6, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: Water Management, Building Electrification, and More


Dec. 6, 2019 / Common Resources

What to Expect at COP25 in Madrid


Dec. 3, 2019 / Common Resources

COP25, Climate Change, and the Newfound Power of Young Activists to Shape Policy

California traffic

Dec. 2, 2019 / Common Resources

The California ZEV Program: A Long and Bumpy Road, but Finally Some Success


Nov. 26, 2019 / Common Resources

Addressing Quality, Affordability, and Climate Change Issues in US Water Policy


Nov. 22, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: California Vehicle Emission Regulations, Global Air Quality Concerns, and More


Nov. 15, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: Proposed EPA Rule, Carbon Pricing, and More

EPA building

Nov. 14, 2019 / Common Resources

EPA’s Proposed Rule for Transparency in Regulatory Science: Separating the Message from the Messenger


Nov. 8, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: Proposed Fracking Bans, Grid Resilience, and Climate Litigation

ontheissues 2019-11-01_Senator Tina Smith

Nov. 1, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: Senator Tina Smith, a Clean Energy Economy, and More

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Oct. 28, 2019 / Common Resources

Planning for Resilience in a Renewable-Dominated World


Oct. 25, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: Environmental Impacts of the Shale Revolution, Electric Vehicle Innovation, and More


Oct. 25, 2019 / Common Resources

Getting Real on the Economic and Environmental Impacts of the Shale Revolution


Oct. 23, 2019 / Common Resources

Are We Approaching Range Serenity for Electric Vehicles?

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Oct. 18, 2019 / Common Resources

On the Issues: Wildfire Threats, Electric Vehicle Subsidies, and More


Oct. 11, 2019 / Common Resources

PG&E Power Outages Reduce Just a Portion of Wildfire Risk


Oct. 8, 2019 / Common Resources

What Are the Costs and Values of Wind and Solar Power? How Are They Changing?

Herzfeldt-Kamprath SESYNC video screenshot

Sept. 23, 2019 / Common Resources

Risk, Data, and Plant Inspections: How an Interdisciplinary Science Team Informed a Policy Shift


Sept. 18, 2019 / Common Resources

Launching RFF's Candidate Tracker