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Each week, we connect the latest environmental and energy economics research to global current events.


Sept. 18, 2020 / On the Issues

Biden’s Push to End New Fossil Fuel Leases on Federal Lands, New Corporate Environmental Commitments, and More


Sept. 11, 2020 / On the Issues

Historic Heat in California, New Government Report on the Financial Risks of Climate Change, and More


Sept. 4, 2020 / On the Issues

Natural Disasters Shape Public Opinion on Climate, Fighting Fires amid COVID-19, and More


Aug. 28, 2020 / On the Issues

Surveying American Opinion on Climate Change, Speeding Electric Vehicle Deployment, and More


Aug. 21, 2020 / On the Issues

New Methane Rollback Announced by EPA, Environmental Justice in Household Energy Use, and More


Aug. 14, 2020 / On the Issues

Top Senate Democrat Unveils Carbon Pricing Bill, States Plan Just Transition, and More

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Aug. 7, 2020 / On the Issues

Support for Well-Plugging Program Grows, EPA Recommits to “Transparency” Rule, and More


July 31, 2020 / On the Issues

Landmark Conservation Bill Passes Congress, COVID-19 Shifts Transportation Habits, and More


July 24, 2020 / On the Issues

Struggling Gas Companies Abandon Wells, Ethiopian Dam Makes Waves, and More


July 17, 2020 / On the Issues

Estimating the Social Cost of Carbon, Colorado’s Climate Goals, and More


July 10, 2020 / On the Issues

Air Conditioning Access and COVID-19, Rural Attitudes Toward Climate Change, and More


July 6, 2020 / On the Issues

House Climate Plan Outlines Path to Net Zero, Resilience of Renewables, and More

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June 26, 2020 / On the Issues

Diversity in the Environmental Movement, Air Pollution’s Impact on Prenatal Health, and More


June 19, 2020 / On the Issues

Privatizing Space Exploration, Climate Risks for Forest Offsets, and More


June 12, 2020 / On the Issues

Flawed Economics at EPA, Protecting the Amazon, and More

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June 5, 2020 / On the Issues

Responding to Racial Injustice, Plugging Orphaned Oil Wells, Funding Carbon Removal, and More


May 29, 2020 / On the Issues

National Parks Reopen, Dams Fail in Michigan, and More


May 22, 2020 / On the Issues

Global Energy Outlook and COVID-19, China’s Emissions Trajectory, and More


May 15, 2020 / On the Issues

Lessons from COVID-19 on Air Pollution, Managing Climate Risk in Investments, and More


May 8, 2020 / On the Issues

Funding Carbon Capture, Carbon Pricing amid COVID-19, and More


May 1, 2020 / On the Issues

Green Policies for Next Stimulus Bill, New Water Rule Threatens Wetlands, and More